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Electro Meridian Imaging

Electro Meridian ImagingDr. Thomas, studied Chiropractic Acupuncture at the International Academy of Medical Acupuncturist, and uses a diagnostic computer tool called Electro Meridian Imaging to quickly and accurately diagnose your condition. Developed in 1951 by Dr. Yoshio Nakatiani, M.D., PhD, it is a method of examining the meridian system of the body through electronic measurements. It proved to alter the way Chiropractic acupuncture would be practiced throughout the world. Dr. Nakatani called this method Ryodoraku: Ryo (good), do (electro-conductive), raku (meridian). After electronically measuring the meridians, results were manually calculated using a staggered numbering system for graphing.

The method of Ryodoraku was refined and renamed Electro Meridian Imaging (EMI) by Dr. John Amaro in 1982. Dr. Amasero is the founder and primary instructor of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. Dr. Thomas is a graduate Diplomate of the Academy.

This system has revolutionized the way Chiropractic acupuncture is practiced by both medical practitioners and traditionally trained acupuncturists worldwide. The method blends old world knowledge with new world technology and produces a repeatable, accurate and rapid graph of a patient’s meridian system. What used to be a lengthy and varied diagnosis is now executed in just a few minutes.

The key to successful Chiropractic acupuncture treatment is the ability to diagnose the imbalance causing the patient’s condition or pain. Before Electro Meridian Imaging, this was accomplished by feeling the pulse and looking at the tongue, resulting in highly subjective diagnosis depending on the doctor. With the computerization of the EMI, we can now accurately and easily locate the imbalance and pinpoint the exact Chiropractic acupuncture points to stimulate. It is quick, inexpensive and painless. All treatment is based on the presence of a vertebral subluxation, which will be determined at the initial examination.

Low Level Cold Laser Technology

Patients experiencing pain, loss of function and injury damage now have access to a FDA-approved low–level cold laser therapy treatment technique to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as shoulder and knee pain and spinal conditions. This “cold–laser” technique is consistent in providing pain relief, reducing injury damage and loss of function. It also facilitates more rapid and complete repair of tissue, resulting in naturally stronger- healed tissue structures.Low Level Cold Laser technology

The FDA recently approved the “cold – laser” as a Class IIIB medical device for use in the treatment of a variety of soft and connective tissue disorders as well as certain neurological disorders. The Low Level Laser Technique (LLLT) has been in use around the world for over 20 years, most notably in Australia and Japan, for the healing of soft tissues and pain relief. In Japan, it is one of the most preferred medical practices to traditional healing methods.

Dr. Thomas recently implemented this latest innovative, state-of-the-art, low level laser therapy technique to relieve pain and speed the healing process for his patients.

The laser produces a penetrating light photon, which stimulates and energizes the injured tissue to repair and strengthen. It increases the body's own healing power and enhances the natural repair process. Dr. Thomas utilizes the laser to enhance the effectiveness of the chiropractic services he offers. “I have been very impressed with the ability of LLLT to reduce both inflammation and pain, as well as its enhanced ability to increase tissue healing, Dr. Thomas says. LLLT is one of the most important modalities I have available for use in my practice. I've been awaiting the completion, research and approval of this device for several years. I've seen many lasers in practice, but the research has never yielded such great results as with this exact device. They have finally perfected the wavelength and power driver to allow the perfect depth of penetration and a large area of coverage. I am very excited to add a non-invasive technique to relieve pain and enhance the body's natural healing processes.” he says. “In the short time we have been using the LLLT in our practice, the results are amazing”.